June, 2021

CLC Design Studio (Formerly Design 710) Founder Christina Casile is recognized as a Top 100 business leader by Top 100 Magazine.

September, 2020

Modern luxury magazine features Dynamic Women of Philadelphia including CLC Design Studio (Formerly Design 710) founder Christina Casile

February 5, 2020

Overlooked features, furniture selection, location considerations; this article explains some of the most common dispensary design mistakes.

February, 2020

What are the similarities and differences when you approach space design for cannabis versus non-cannabis? This podcast explains designing the cannabis business space.

February 5, 2020

Design Considerations can include the look and feel of the store, location, security, branding; this article explains considerations in designing your cannabis store.

January, 2020

This article includes a Q & A with CLC Design Studio (Formerly Design 710) founder, Christina Casile regarding designing and building facilities, finding property, applying for licenses, and more.

January, 2020

Marijuana Venture Article : Page 24-27