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CLC Design Studio is a woman-owned interior design firm specializing in retail and production strategy, brand creation, and customer communications. With a focus on the cannabis industry since its inception in 2017, we have created and delivered concepts that have brought innovative design environments that are welcoming, diverse, cost-effective and functional.

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Dispensaries need to be strategic in their location, designed to adjust to the challenges of your building space, stay on budget and schedule, and improve customer experience. We partner with cannabis dispensaries from application, openings, to expansion to help them achieve these goals.


Process-Manufacturers must take into account how the design of the facility will affect the entire operation, security measures, and more. Let us help you from location identification, to 3d renderings, to your full build and beyond.


Grows / Cultivation

Cultivation facilities need to take into account compliance, work environment, security, and functionality. We work with grows
from their planning phase, growth, and expansions to produce cultivation facilities that exceed your expectations.

CLC Design Studio Services

3D Renderings

3D renderings are critical to bring your vision to life and for the cannabis business licensing process. We help you achieve your goals with our 3D rendering services and consulting. Rendering service is available for all types of cannabis projects, new buildings, old buildings, expansions, and more.

Location Assistance

Location is critical to the cannabis business’s success. We help you connect with the right real estate properties that are cannabis-friendly and align this with your building-design needs. We feel this helps our clients achieve successful projects that are more budget-friendly, less risky, and more beneficial to the business in the long run.

Feasibility Studies

With decades of experience and a network of high-quality partners, we help clients look at all aspects of their planned build out of their cannabis business, providing insights that will prevent challenges and add success. Our feasibility studies can help you impress on your application and execute your business plans.

Interior Design

Compliant, welcoming, innovative interior design for your cannabis dispensary, grow, or process-manufacturing facility.

Strategic Partnerships

CLC Design Studio works with a network of service providers that can help solve your unique challenges and ensure a reliable path to success. We have strategic partnerships helping you succeed whether in pre-licensing, active cannabis business, or expanding multi-state and beyond.

Brand Development

We can help you from development of the look, feel, and style of your brand to having
a deep understanding of how to design your facility to reflect the brand and it’s values.

Budget and Schedule Development

It is critical not only for a winning application but to your full business success to present a well thought out budget and organized schedule for your business design project. We understand this and work with clients to achieve application-winning plans.

CLC Design Studio is a proud woman-owned business

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